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Australian Specialty Inks

Australian Speciality Inks are a high quality, multi-purpose range of inks suitable for printing on an large array of media. Please use the table below for information and colours on our range of ASI inks or contact us for assistance in determining your requirements.

See our ASI Ink Selector for info on determining the correct inks.

Ink Type

Brief Description

More Info

Universal Vinyl Specially formulated for rapid drying on a wide variety of vinyl and vinyl coated substrates where a high gloss finish is required, this product is recommended for machine screen process printing, although satisfactory results can be achieved by hand printing. More info on Universal Vinyl
Plastivac Plastivac inks are a modified acrylic lacquer system designed as a general purpose screen process plastic printing ink. These inks have been formulated to reduce static problems often associated with acrylic inks. More info on Plastivac
Nylo-Print Nylo-Print inks are a flexible and elastic ink suitable for printing on most synthetic and natural fabrics. The system has displayed a high degree of resistance to laundering and dry-cleaning. More info on Nylo-Print
Gloss Vinyl Due to the slower drying nature of the Gloss Vinyl series it is ideally suited for the printer with a hand print operation. The system is a highly flexible vinyl resin system specifically formulated for printing on vinyl surfaces where a high gloss finish is required. More info on Gloss Vinyl
Monokan The Monokan ink system is the result of long research into achieving the excellent adhesion properties normally related to a two pot ink system in a one pot system. Monokan is a blocked catalyst system, which means that the ink remains quite stable in the can, but after printing, the catalyst reacts to improve adhesion and general product resistance. More info on Monokan
Corrogloss The Corrogloss system was developed for the printing of fully Corona-treated corrugated plastic sheets (Corflute) and similar products manufactured from special co-polymer resins. The inks have excellent scuff resistance and dry to a good even gloss level. More info on Corrogloss
Two Can Epoxy The Two Can Epoxy ink series exhibit excellent solvent and chemical resistance and offer a high degree of adhesion to a variety of difficult to print surfaces. More info on Two Can Epoxy
Urocure Urocure is a two-pack, pigmented, Urethane ink system requiring the addition of a reactive catalyst to initiate the cure process; the inks exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates along with exceptional weather ability and chemical resistance properties. More info on Urocure

Ink Selection Guide For ASI Inks

  • Recommended
  • O Possible Alternative
  • R Rigid

Gloss Vinyl

Universal Vinyl



Two Can Epoxy

Gloss Enamel


Prefix GV QV 70 CO ER 59 MK
Type of Ink Vinyl Vinyl Acrylic Acrylic Epoxy Alkyd Catalysed
Reducer VF 180 QV 180 70-80 CO-180 ER 180 Turps MK 180
Retarder VF 182 QV 182 70-182 CO-182 ER 182 5550 MK 182
Screenwash VF 184 QV 184 70-184 CO-184 ER 180 Turps MK 184
Clear or Extender VF 170 QV 170 70-170 CO-170 ER 170 59-170 MK 170
Special Items VF 173 QV 173 ER 176
Air Dry Time (approx) 30 mins 5 mins 25 mins 20 mins 2-3 hrs* 4-6 hrs 20 mins
Force Dry Time No rec. Seconds Seconds Seconds 30 minutes
@ 83°C
30 Minutes @ 83°C Seconds
Approx. Coverage
(sq. metres/kg)
35 35 35 35 35 35 40
Acrylics O 0 O
Cellulose Acetate O O
Cellulose Acetate
Ceramics O
Top Coated Mylar
Colour Bond
(signwriter grade)
Decal Work
Foil O
Glass O
Most Metals O O
Phenolics (Bakelite) O O
Polycarbonate O
Treated Polyethylene Polypropylene O O
Styrene O
Proxylin Coatings
Perspex, Plexiglass O O
Polystrene Foam O
Vinyl – Rigid/Flexible • R
Wood & Masonite

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