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Avient Infinite FX Nupuff & Flexipuff


Excellent adhesion to fabrics, stretch properties and wash durability.


Produces elevated “puff” surface with fantastic lift.

Tintable for infinite colour combos.

Formulated to resist overblow.




Count: 34-62 t/cm


25-35 n/cm2


2 over 2

Off Contact: .2cm


Printing Tips

Avient Specialiuty Inks Infinite FX Nupuff is specially designed to give a raised “puff” texture effect.  NuPuff is extremely durable and formulated to resist overblow.

Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp edged squeegees for best print results.
Recommended mesh counts can vary depending on particle size

Different effects may be achieved through the use of multiple passes, flash curing, thick screen
stencils and overprinting with standard and specialty inks.
In multi-color printing, flash the puff prior to overprinting.

 Best results when printed directly onto fabric.

 Tintable with plastisol colorants. See Pigment Loading section for suggested starting tinting
percentages. Reduce the amount of white colorant in the formula as specialty base will lighten
the color.

NuPuff is formulated with overblow protection so the possibility of collapse of the expanded ink
is greatly reduced.

Use Infinite FX Flexipuff additive for extra rise.

 If printing a large area, lightweight fabric may pucker. To alleviate puckering, print a mezzotint or
dot pattern (an 80 percent solid).


Color Range

Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.


Nupuff Black


Nupuff Base


Nupuff White


Flexipuff Additive

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