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Infinite FX Natural Suede Base


Creates a printed graphic that feels like suede
Tintable for infinite color combinations
Excellent adhesion to fabrics, stretch
properties, and wash durability


Use by itself or intermix with other Infinite
FX Bases for unlimited design effects

Suitable for high density or conventional flat




Count: 120-140 t/cm

Tension: 25-35 n/cm2


2 over 2

Off Contact: .2cm

Emulsion Over Mesh N/A


Product Description

Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp edged squeegees for best print results.
Recommended mesh counts can vary depending on particle size

 For best HD results, use open mesh counts with 200 – 400 micron capillary film and print-flashprint.  Use a heavy flood to fully fill the open areas of the stencil with ink then print with medium
squeegee pressure

Best results when printed directly onto fabric

 Tintable with plastisol colorants. See Pigment Loading section for suggested starting tinting
percentages. Reduce the amount of white colorant in the formula as specialty base will lighten
the color

Adjusting cure temperature and dwell time will yield a variety of textured effects

Cure between 340-350°F (170-175°C) and increase dwell time to assure cure and to achieve
desired cracking effect

After the print is cooled, “crack by hand” by stretching the printed area for a custom distressed

Pigment Loading

up to 10% Wilflex PC

up 10 15% Wilflex EQ

up to 30% Wilflex MX/RIO

Up to 15% Rutland C3 Boosters


Soft Texture Range


Suede Base

Flocking Adhesive

Plush Base

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