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100% cotton, cotton blends, some synthetics


ImageBrite Reflectives, when exposed to a focused beam of
light will reflect light back to the light source.




Count: 110-160 t/in (43-62 t/cm)
Tension: 25-35 n/cm2


2 over 2
Off Contact: 1/16″ (.2cm)
Emulsion Over Mesh: 15-20%

Polyplus SRX

Murakami TXR

Product Description

Avient™ Specialty Inks INFINITE FX IMAGEBRITE are retro-reflective inks with enhanced visibility
for fashion and novelty type designs. ImageBrite Reflectives, when exposed to a focused beam of
light will reflect light back to the light source. 

2540 ImageBrite Reflective Base is a clear reflective base that can be printed as is or tinted.
2542 ImageBrite Reflective Lite Gray is a clear reflective ink pre-tint to a light gray color. 2544
ImageBrite Reflective Platinum combines reflective media and metallic flakes for a silver
reflective appearance

For best reflective properties, print ImageBrite directly to open weave fabrics. Direct printing
allows the ink to sink into the fabric leaving the reflective media on top for brilliant reflectivity
ImageBrite Reflectives are not recommended on tightly woven fabrics such as nylon or printed
over an underbase as this will diminish the reflectivity properties

Proper ink deposit is critical to achieve best reflectivity results. Recommend using single print
with single or double stroke and proper mesh counts. Pre-test suitability for reflectivity, opacity
and durability before production

Imagebrite Reflective inks work well on dark fabrics but are not highly saturated. The color
under normal lighting will vary with the fabric color
It is recommended to outline images printed with Imagebrite Reflective Base or Lite Gray with a
white or contrasting color for the design to be visible in all light levels

Avoid direct sunlight
Use within one year of receipt
2540 ImageBrite Reflective Base can be tinted with plastisol colorants. See Pigment Loading
section for suggested percentages. Limit the % colorant added to maintain best reflectivity

Pigment Loading:

up to 2% Wilflex PC
up to 3% Wilflex EQ
up to 5% Wilflex MX/RIO
upto 3% Rutland C3 Boosters


For individual compliance certifications and conformity statements, please visit

For best care, hand wash or machine wash on cold cycle with garment inside-out Label
garments with suggested wash instruction

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