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Infinite FX Process Colours


Designed for printing on light coloured fabric grounds.Can be printed on top of an appropriate underbase white from any of the Avient brands.

Match colour key fast with these pure pigments.



Excellent adhesion to fabric

Excellent Stretch properties

Excellent wash durability


K2585 Infinite FX Halftone Base – 20% Max.


Mesh Count:

120-140 t/cm)


25-35 n/cm2


2 over 2

Off Contact: (.2cm)

Emulsion Over Mesh: N/A

Polyplus SRX
Murakami TXR

Product Description

Most effective when art is separated by experienced, specialized textile screen print process
Artist utilizing the ASI ProSet color data provided by Avient.

Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh to optimize performance properties.
For CMYK profiles, copy and paste the below link into your browser:

Perform fusion tests before production. Failure to cure ink properly may result in poor wash
fastness, inferior adhesion and unacceptable durability. Ink gel and cure temperatures should be
measured using a Thermoprobe placed directly in the wet ink film and verified on the production
run substrate(s) and production equipment. It is the responsibility of the printer to determine that
the correct ink has been selected for a specific substrate and the application processes meet
your customer’s standards or specifications.

Avient Specialty Inks have been carefully designed to perform within a given viscosity range.
Any alteration of viscosity should be minimized.
Stir plastisols before printing.

Do not dry clean, bleach or iron printed area.

Separations steps for 4 color process printing:

Color Range

Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.


Process Magenta


Process Black


Process Cyan


Process Yellow

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