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Polyester Low-Bleed Plastisol (ATHP)


Direct print low-bleed white for controlling dye migration on 100% polyester fabrics

Athletic uniforms or any other nasty bleeding fabric


Prints easily on manual and automatic presses

Excellent opacity

Superior bleed resistance

Excellent durability


Never add mineral spirits to any plastisol ink.

Union have a range of additives.


Print through 74T-100T monofilament polyester. For maximum opacity use 62T
Print through 24T – 62T.
Max. Opacity 24T.


Any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks.

Polyplus SRX

Murakami TXR

Murakami SR

Product Description

Polyester low-bleed plastisols (POLY) are Union’s ultimate high-opacity low-bleed plastisols formulated to fight dye migration on the nastiest, bleeding 100% polyester athletic uniforms or other synthetic substrates prone to dye migration. It’s formulated to provide excellent printing characteristics and is designed for both manual and automatic printing.

Because of thick ink deposits required by athletic printers, Polyester Low-Bleed plastisols may require higher dryer temperatures or slower belt speeds for the ink deposit to reach the recommended curing temperature.




Golden Yellow


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