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Metallic Shimmer Plastisol (PLFX)


For direct printing on light and dark garments.


Six bright metallic colours

Washable and non-tarnishing

Excellent opacity.


Reducer/Detackifier (PLUS-9000) may be added if a thinner consistency is required.


For direct printing use 20-25t monofilament. For transfer printing use 25-33t monofilament.


Polyplus SRX

Murakami SR

Murakami TXR

Product Description

Shimmer Metallic inks will heat cure to a glittering, shimmering, metallic finish. They are much brighter than regular metallics, and unlike most metallic inks, will not tarnish with age or washing. The finished prints have excellent flexibility. When properly cured the ink layer will stretch and recover well.

Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability, reflectivity and other requirements in your specific application before using in production.

Color Range

Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.

Black Shimmer


Bright Gold Shimmer


Red Shimmer


Blue Shimmer


Emerald Green Shimmer


Metallic Silver Shimmer


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