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Tru-Tone Plastisol (PRPE)


Four colour process printing

Wet-on-wet direct printing

White garments


Ready-to-print accurate colours

Minimal dot gain

Minimal buildup

Extremely soft hand


PRLP-9080 Process Halftone Base


For best results 305-355T (120-140 threads cm) plain weave monofilament polyester.


Kiwocol Polyplus SRX
Murakami SR
Murakami TXR

Product Description

Union Ink’s Tru-Tone (PRPL) plastisol inks are the premier inks for process colour printing on textiles. Tru-Tone inks have extremely accurate, consistent colours, very low dot gain, and are read to print right out of the can.

Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability and other specific requirements before using in production.

Color Range

Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.


Process Black


Process Yellow


Process Cyan


Process Magenta

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